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How do I pay my order ?

Only bank cards are accepted for on-line sales.

Where are the counters located and what are the hours?

Bottom of the cable car : 08:00 - 17:00
Grand-Paradis : 08:15 - 14:30

Les Crosets
Main counter : 08:00 - 17:00

Bottom of TK Champeys : 08:30 - 13:30 (minimum et slon conditions météo)

Bottom Foilleuse: 08:30 - 16:30
Bottom Corbeau: 09:00 - 13:30


Last year, I bought a season pass on a hands-free card, do I have to upload a picture again?

Yes, all fields are mandatory: First and last name, date of birth, proof of age and photo.

When does the family rate apply?

To benefit from the family rate​:
Minimum 4 paying persons (father, mother, single children up to 19 years old, 24 years old if student or apprentice). All ski passes must be purchased simultaneously and for the same duration. The domain may be different. The presentation of an identity document for each person is mandatory.

Are there group reductions ?

The following reductions are attributed:

Group of 13 to 49 people: +/- 10% discount
Group of 50 to 99 people: +/- 15% discount
Group from 100 people: +/- 20% discount

To benefit from the group rate, the packages must be purchased simultaneously, for the same duration and be the subject of a single payment.

The group rate is valid for packages from ½ to 21 days. It cannot be combined with the family rate. The domain may be different.

The group rate is only available at the checkout. A preliminary order is recommended.

What is a "Hands Free" card ?

The "Hands Free" lift pass is a smart media card, of credit card size with a high-performance chip, it gives you access to the ski lifts with greater comfort and speed thanks to the chip which can be read remotely.

What are the advantages of the hands-free cards?

1. Simplicity: you reload your package directly online and you do not need to go to the checkout.

2. Speed: the verification of the package is automatically done at the control terminals located at the departure of the lifts.

3. Freedom: with this system, your pass placed in a pocket on the left of your ski jacket opens the turnstiles.

4. It's clean: with the hands-free package, you help reduce waste in the mountains.

How to recharge my hands-free card ?

1. directly from home, by visiting

2. from your smartphone or tablet on

3. at the ski lift ticket offices of Champéry - Les Crosets - Champoussin - Morgins